Distinguished Lecture Series

The Distinguished Lecture Series is about hosting technology innovators. The FSU Center for Academic & Professional Development identifies people who are off the grid – they are visionaries, up and comers or recently discovered leaders who are independent thinkers.
All lectures are free.

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Miikka Leinonen, author, speaker and creative director for a Finish research and investing company, will be sharing his thoughts on how we can excel in a world where technology makes everything shared.

Our whole way of life is moving from material to immaterial. Technology has helped us to find new ways to melt material and immaterial worlds, thereby creating a new universe.

In this new world, immaterial elements like social media, emotions and competences are becoming more tangible. At the same time, material products like printing and advertising, less concrete.

Miikka will share his insights on how we melt two diverse worlds and the new rules that apply in a shared business culture.

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