Professional Development

Acquire Skills for Advancement

Many professionals are required to take continuing education courses to maintain their licenses or just to stay competitive. We offer workshops, online courses and even web design & development courses to provide the skills needed to be successful in today’s work environment.

Certificate in Financial Planning Online

Certificate in
Financial Planning

Professional Education –
When and Where You Want It

In addition to having access to the best instructors and the highest quality course content, our program will provide you with the skills you need to tap the wealth of resources available to financial planners on the Internet. Our program provides an established curriculum and distinguished faculty.

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Web Design and Development Program

Professional Certification in Trauma & Resilience Program

Enhance your professional knowledge, skills, and career potential.

This program enables professionals to develop the knowledge and skills they need to understand the impact of adult and child trauma, along with the keys to resilience. It is specifically designed for a multidisciplinary audience, with content that will inform and advance the knowledge and skills of professionals in many fields.

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Web Design and Development Program

Human Trafficking Prevention and Intervention

Increase awareness and improve services and interventions.

The curriculum enables professionals to develop the knowledge and skills needed to understand the dynamics of the different types of human trafficking. It also provides professionals with practical skills to increase awareness of and improve services and interventions for victims/survivors of trafficking.

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Spreadsheets for Business

Spreadsheets for Business Environments

Data without analysis is just data.
Data with analytical insight is value.

From basic Excel skills and tools for everyday financial tasks to preparing and organizing data for sophisticated analyses, this course reveals Excel’s potential as a powerful decision-making tool. Using a problem-solving approach, you will study spreadsheet functions and tools in depth.

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