Florida State University now offers a Certification on Trauma and Resilience Series that provides a comprehensive foundation of knowledge of the effect of trauma and the elements of resilience. This series of courses will prepare professionals to provide culturally competent, trauma-informed services, and build resilience in themselves and the people they serve.

The courses must be taken in order: Level One must be successfully completed before Level Two can be accessed.

These courses promote skills for a variety of professionals, including the following:

  • Social Services Providers, Victim Advocates, Child Welfare Staff, Guardians ad Litem, and Counselors & Psychologists, Clergy
  • First Responders, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, & EMS
  • K-12 Educators, Higher Education Administrators, Pre-K Teachers & Childcare Providers
  • Medical Professionals, Physicians, & Nurses
  • Lawyers, Judges, & Legal Assistants
  • Media Professionals


This Program was created by the Institute for Family Violence Studies

Karen Oehme, J.D., Director
Ann Perko, J.D., Director of Research Dissemination
Lyndi Bradley, MSW, Program Manager

We also offer a
Professional Certification in
College Student Wellbeing, Trauma, & Resilience
Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can register for this training?
The training is non-credit professional development and is, therefore, open to the public. Participants do not need to apply to the University. Rather they simply have to register and submit their payment.
Who should register for this training?
This course enables professionals to develop the knowledge and skills they need to understand the impact of adult and child trauma, along with the keys to resilience. It is specifically designed for a multidisciplinary audience, with content that will inform and advance the knowledge and skills of professionals in many fields.
Do I need to apply to the program?
No, there is no application process to participate in this program. This is a non-credit professional development/continuing education opportunity that is open to the public.
Is the registration fee different for non-Florida residents?
No. Participants are charged the same course fee ($349 for Level One and $299 for Level Two) regardless of where they reside.
Are there educational requirements or pre-requisites to participate in this training?
While there are no special degree requirements to participate in this training, please note that the level of instruction is that of a upper-division college course.
What credentials can I earn?
Upon successful completion of each course, students are issued a downloadable Certificate of Completion. Additionally, various professions receive Continuing Education Units or In-Service Training hours. Please refer to each Level’s page for complete information:

As a reminder, this is a noncredit program which does not earn academic credit.

What is the format of the program?
The program is self-paced and fully online. Participants have 24/7 access to the course materials so they can work around their busy schedules. Also, participants have access to the course for one year from enrollment date.

Participants must work through each chapter module completely before the chapter quiz is released. Participants must earn at least an 80% on the quiz before the next chapter is released. The quiz can be retaken an unlimited number of times.

Upon successful completion of the last chapter (Chapter 10 in Level One and Chapter 8 in Level Two), the Final Exam will be released. Participants must score at least an 80% to pass the exam. The exam can also be taken an unlimited number of times.

Once the participant achieves a passing score in the Final Exam, the Feedback Survey will be released. Participants must complete the Feedback Survey in order for the Professional Certification to be released and downloaded.

How long does the program take to complete?
Level One includes 20 hours of course content and ten chapters of research-based readings, case scenarios, multi-media materials, assignments, and quizzes.

Level Two includes eight chapters and 15 hours of course content with research-based readings, case scenarios, multi-media materials, assignments, and quizzes.

Where do I take the training and when does it start?
The training portal for this program is https://courses.learningforlife.fsu.edu. This is NOT the same place where participants registered. Participants will be able to access and start the training once payment has been submitted and processed and login credentials have been provided.
When are the courses offered?
Registration for each course is rolling and the curriculum is self-paced and fully online. This means participants may begin at any time – after registration and payment has been received.
Must the courses be taken in a specific order?
Yes. Level One must be successfully completed before Level Two can be accessed.
What is the grading scale for the program?
Participants must obtain a grade of 80% or better to receive credit for each course.
Do you offer discounts to non-profits?
The vast majority of our participants come from non-profit organizations. As such, we did everything in our power to keep the cost of the training as low as possible. So, while we do not offer discounts to non-profits specifically, we do offer discounts to the following populations:

  1. Active and inactive U.S. Military
  2. FSU Alumni
  3. FSU Students, Faculty, & Staff

How do I obtain the discount?
You need a promo code that you MUST enter during you registration process. This cannot be applied retroactively. To obtain the promo code you must supply the following information for each population (email to resilience@fsu.edu):

  1. Active and inactive U.S. Military
    • Send an email from your .mil account, OR
    • Scan and email your military orders, OR
    • Scan and email you military ID
  2. FSU Alumni
    • Full name as it was when you attended FSU, and
    • Date of Birth, and
    • Graduation Year
  3. FSU Student, Faculty, & Staff
    • Full name as is found in the Student or Faculty/Staff database
Do you offer group discounts?
Associations, agencies, and organizations who are looking into additional training for their staff should contact us, resilience@fsu.edu, to discuss potential discounts prior to registering their staff.
“Everyone who works with vulnerable people should have this training, particularly those of us who work in the dependency system. I’m recommending it to my whole Program.”
- Eva Mae Sugg, Esq.

Senior Best Interest Attorney, 19th Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program, St. Lucie, FL

To learn more about the benefits of taking Level One and/or to register, please use the button below.
To learn more about the benefits of taking Level Two and/or to register, please use the button below.
“I’ve been in the child advocacy field for over 25 years and thought I knew just about everything related to resiliency and ACEs — but I was wrong! I learned some new info and gained a lot of helpful resources. Thank you.”
- Jill Payne

Case Manager, Rappahannock Area CASA, Virginia

“I learned almost as much through this training as I have in my 1st year of graduate school, at a fraction of the cost. I am able to add this certification to my resume and more importantly apply what was taught to my students, community, family members, and myself. Also, thank you for including the social justice aspect in this course.”
- Tanya Ardoin

Graduate Student, Johns Hopkins University

  • 20 hours / 10 Chapters
  • Introduction to trauma dynamics across the lifespan
  • A new perspective on the impact of trauma
  • Brain development and toxic stress
  • Defining a “trauma-informed” approach to better serve the
  • The basic components of resilience and hope for healing
  • Self-awareness and cultural competency basics
  • Secondary trauma and tools for self-care
  • 15 hours / 8 Chapters
  • A public health approach and deeper dive into common
    forms of trauma
  • Large-scale community trauma and resilience
  • New innovations to prevent and address trauma
  • Protective factors and pro-social skills
  • The elements of post-traumatic growth
  • Evidence-informed coping and stress management
  • New resilience tools for all professionals
For More Information:

Course Content Support:
Lyndi Bradley, FSU COSW Institute for Family Violence Studies
(850) 644-1715

Registration Assistance:
Catia Carballo, Center for Academic & Professional Development
Please use the contact form below.

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