Estate Planning Online

Estate Planning
Online Course

The Estate Planning course focuses on the use, conservation, and efficient transfer of an individual’s wealth. It embraces the law of property, wills, trusts, future interests, estate administration, insurance, income taxation, gift taxation, and death taxation.

Covers the CFP Board’s Principal Knowledge Topics H.63 – 72.
*We advise that you allow at least 10 hours per week per course for adequate course preparation.



Joseph R. McNair, CFP®, JD, CPA joined Warren Averett in 2010 and specializes in the areas of comprehensive financial planning for private clients as well as investment management solutions for institutions and corporate retirement plans.

His prior experience includes work with accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Atlanta-based law firm Cohen, Cooper, Estep & Allen. Joseph is an attorney licensed by both the Florida Bar and the State Bar of Georgia, and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).



Estate Planning,12th Edition
Michael A. Dalton and Thomas P. Langdon
ISBN: 978-1-946711-33-5
Published by: Money Education
Available at many online retailers including the publisher, Money Education.



While there are no special degree requirements to participate in the FSU Certificate in Financial Planning program, the level of instruction is that of an upper-division college course. A bachelor’s degree is a condition of CFP® certification, although not a requirement to be able to sit for the Certification Examination.

We strongly recommend that students complete Introduction to Financial Planning prior to taking this course.

Basic computer literacy including: the ability to connect to the Internet and navigate the web using search engines and links, the ability to use online communication tools including email and discussion boards, the ability to send and receive email attachments, and the ability to navigate software including saving and opening files to and from specific locations.


Technical Requirements

Browser (most recent version): Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

2023 Course Schedule

Traditional Track
Feb. – Apr. 16, 2023
July 7 – Sept. 17, 2023

Fast Track
May 12- June 25, 2023
Oct. 13 – Nov. 26, 2023