Returning Student Scholarship

The Returning Student Scholarship is comprised of four scholarships: the Dr. Mary L. Pankowski Returning Student Endowed Scholarship, the Reva Daniels Metzinger Returning Student Endowed Scholarship, the Florida State College of Women Class of 1943 Endowed Scholarship,  and the Freida Frei Meland Endowed Scholarship.

These scholarships were established to provide financial assistance to deserving adults who wish to return to school and are awarded based on all the following criteria:

  1. Male or female, 23 years-of-age or older, Florida resident
  2. Have at least a five-year consecutive break in education. However, students who have a 5-year break and return to a community college to complete an AA degree will be eligible for consideration upon their transfer to Florida State University
  3. Admitted as a degree seeking, undergraduate or graduate student at Florida State University
  4. Demonstration of financial need
  5. Strength of applicant’s personal statement
  6. Strength of applicant’s statement of how the scholarship will impact his/her life
  7. Previous academic record
  8. Strength of recommendation letters
  9. Motivation and potential

The Returning Student Scholarship awards $1,000 per semester. Awardees are eligible for up to three semester awards if a 2.5 GPA is maintained.

Application deadlines are as follows:

  • Fall Semester – June 1
  • Spring Semester – November 1
  • Summer Semester – March 1

Download the Returning Student Scholarship Application Form – 168KB PDF

For assistance please contact Mary Churchill at (850) 644-7572 or use the contact form below.

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