Spreadsheets for Business Environments

Data without analysis is just data.
Data with analytical insight is value

From basic Excel skills and tools for everyday financial tasks to preparing and organizing data for sophisticated analyses, this online course reveals Excel’s potential as a powerful decision-making tool. Using a problem-solving approach, you will study spreadsheet functions and tools in depth and understand their purpose in a business environment. Ideal for persons with professional interests related to business and economics and also for those wishing to obtain a deeper understanding of spreadsheets in general.

Topics include:

  • Data Visualization – display data effectively
  • What-If Analysis – examine the effects of changing specific worksheet values
  • What-If Analysis – examine the effects of changing specific worksheet values
  • Solver – determine the maximum or minimum value of one cell by changing other cells
  • Pivot Tables – extract significance from a large, detailed data set
  • Pivot Table Reports – summarize, analyze, explore and present summary data

Level: Beginners with basic computer literacy
Duration: 15 weeks (Fall & Spring), 13 weeks (Summer)
Time investment: 4-10 hours a week
Format: 24/7 access with weekly deliverables
Recommended Textbook: Succeeding in Business with Microsoft Excel 2013: A Problem Solving Approach, 1st Edition
Software: Excel 2013
Full Outline: Spreadsheets for Business Environments Outline

Ken Armstrong, Assistant Teaching Professor, Program in Interdisciplinary Computing (PIC) at FSU

In his full-time faculty position with PIC, Ken is responsible for developing and teaching computer and technology courses in a wide range of disciplines but primarily centered around Excel, data, data mining, database and data warehouse design, and ways to improve decision-making in organizations. He is MOS certified in MS Excel and has years of experience in teaching students the spreadsheets skills needed to improve their day-to-day environments, both personal and organizational.

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Excel 2013 is the most up-to-date version of Excel and it only runs in the Windows operating system. Mac users can acquire a licensed version of both Windows & Office 365, which contains the latest version of Excel, and then build a virtual machine to run Windows and Excel inside the Mac using Parallels or VirtualBox.

Recommended Textbook
Succeeding in Business with Microsoft Excel 2013: A Problem Solving Approach, 1st Edition
Debra Gross, Frank Akaiwa, Narleen Nordquist
ISBN-13: 978-1-285-09914-9
Order online with the publisher Cengage Learning

Basic Computer Literacy
This includes:

  • navigating an operating system (launching software and managing system settings)
  • the ability to organize files and folders on a computer
  • the ability to download and install software
  • the ability to connect to the Internet and navigate the web using URLs, Web search engines and links
  • the ability to use online communication tools including email, chat, discussion boards, social media and video chat
  • the ability to send and receive email attachments
  • the ability to navigate software including saving files to specific locations, opening files from specific locations, and changing software preferences and settings

Minimum hardware requirements
A functional computer manufactured within the past four years, and a reliable high-speed Internet connection. A webcam is recommended in order to receive instructor assistance.

Minimum time requirements
Plan on spending between four to ten hours a week on course work. Students must be able to meet assignment deadlines in order to stay on track and complete the course prior to the end of the semester.

Cancellations within two weeks of the course start date will receive a full refund less $50. Cancellations must be received by email or in writing. After the two-week deadline, no refunds will be issued.
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This was a top notch online learning experience. The instructor was first rate, the information was delivered in a clear and logical order, and the lessons built upon each other such that I continued to use what was learned in previous weeks. It was really fantastic. - Todd, Past Student

Taking this class was the best investment I’ve made in my recent professional education. What I learned in this course was beyond my expectations. The course is well structured with exercise files that follow along with the videos and assignments that provide an opportunity for hands-on work. Catia - Past Student