Holocaust Institute Course

Module 1: Antisemitism
1.1 Historic Antisemitism Video

1.2 Antisemitism in Germany pre-1933 (Audio Only)

1.3 Nazi Antisemitism
A. Audio Only

B. Audio Only

C. Audio Only

D. Audio Only


1.4 Holocaust Denial (Audio Only)

Module 2: Nazi Rise and Rule to 1939
2.1 Biography of Hitler (Audio Only)

2.2 Nazi Rise to Power (Audio Only)

2.3 Nazi Education and Propaganda Primary Sources (Audio Only)

2.4 Reactions to Nuremberg Laws Primary Sources (Audio Only)

2.5 Nazi System of Terror (Audio Only)

Module 3: Business and Economics in the Holocaust
3.1 Aryanization of jewish Businesses (Audio Only)

3.2 German Businesses and Slave Labor (Audio Only)

3.3 Economic Primary Sources (Audio Only)

3.4 Ford Company and Slave Labor (Audio Only)

3.5 IBM and the Holocaust (Audio Only)

Module 4: Churches and the Holocaust
4.1 Role of German Churches’ Compliance (Audio Only)

4.2 Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust (Audio Only)

4.3 Pope Pius XII Primary Sources (Audio Only)

Module 5: Jewish Resistance
5.1 Resistance Concepts and Forms (Audio Only)

5.2 Jewish Flight and Humanitarian Resistance (Audio Only)

5.3 Resistance in Ghettoes and Camps (Audio Only)

5.4 Resistance Primary Sources (Audio Only)